Our educational actions

Are you a teacher, professor or school worker?

We speak to students of all ages about entomophagy, sustainable proteins and the history behind insect consumption through JIMINI’S.

Our formats are customizable depending on your budget, geographic location and number of people.

We prepare 15 minute to 2 hour video lectures, lectures in the location of your choice and insect tastings for all your students.

We can also send you educational packs, summary presentations and key figures about edible insects and future solutions for you to integrate into your lectures and presentations.

You can write to us via our contact form.

We won’t be able to meet all the demands, but we will do our best!

You are a student?

We answer your questions about the history of Jimini’s, the market for edible insects, their nutritional and environmental benefits. Send us your questions on the form below. We will answer you as soon as possible!

You can write to us via our contact form.