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You are the owner or manager of a delicatessen, a concept store, a wine merchant, a concept store, a buyer, a restaurant owner?

Welcome to JIMINI’S!

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Since 2012, JIMINI’S has built a network of over 300 reseller partners in 6 European countries. You too can join the adventure and offer your customers the best of edible insects!

Jimini’s products are :

  • Insects raised in Europe
  • Products made in France, in Vaux-le-Pénil, near Paris
  • Good, healthy products that are better for the environment
  • Whole insects sold plain or seasoned; dehydrated or powdered*.

The little extras at Jimini’s :

  • We provide you with POS, tasting and sales advice from the very beginning
  • We are ready to listen to all your needs and can devise tailor-made offers

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*Products available in French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish and custom-made

As a reminder: Who are we?

Jimini’s is a young French company that creates healthy and delicious insect-based products.

Thanks to insects, we develop everyday foods with balanced nutritional contributions while having a minimal impact on the environment. Our complete range of products can be adapted to a multitude of tastes and needs. We manufacture all our products in our workshop in Vaux-le-Pénil, near Paris, in the tradition of French know-how.