Our mission

We make you love edible insects and enjoy the benefits they bring to your daily life!

Jimini's has been introducing you to edible insects since 2012. Our goal? To make you love these delicious products and incorporate them into your diet.

Why edible insects?

Insects have the power to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our food. They require few resources to raise and their nutritional qualities are excellent.

Environmental impact

They consume little water and space.

To produce 1 kg of protein

  • 10 Hectares

    16000 L/kg
  • 3 Hectares

    55000 L/kg
  • 2,5 Hectares

    3800 L/kg
  • 1 Hectare

    800 L/kg

Reduces food waste.


of the insect is edible

*compared to 55% of chicken and 40% of pork and beef

They release nearly no greenhouse gases.


less GHG emissions* than beef

*Greenhouse gases

They are also low consumers of food !

To produce 1 kg of protein

Quality, Traceability
& Security

  • Where?

    Our products are fabricated in our workshop in Vaux-le-Pénil, near Melun, in Ile-de-France.

  • The quality

    We take extreme care with the quality of the insects and ingredients we use. The insects we use come from European insect farms.

  • The ingredients

    The ingredients used in our recipes are natural and our bars, granolas and pasta are made from organically sourced ingredients.

  • The traceability

    We are committed to meeting European food regulations and guaranteeing food safety from the receipt of raw ingredients and packaging to the dispatch of your products.

Nutritional benefit

All our products are source or rich in proteins.

Insect protein is complete and contains all the essential amino acids for our body. Edible insects also provide vitamins B12, minerals, omega 3 and 6.

Good and healthy products

Our natural insects

Dehydrated in the oven at low temperature, we have chosen to let you discover them naturally. Enjoy their nutty taste at any time of the day. Almost naked, we don't add any ingredients in their preparation!

Our insects

Between our sweet and savoury seasoned insects... your heart is in the right place? Discover all our insects seasoned with natural ingredients. 0 conservative or palm oil, we work our crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms.

Our bars and granolas

We use buffalo powder for these protein-rich products. You will not see the whole insects in these products, but will only experience a nutty taste provided by the insect meal. The insect powder adds protein, fibre and vitamin B12 to our products.