Frequently AskedQuestions

Why should I eat insects ?

2.5 billion human beings already eat insects: it’s completely natural, it’s healthy and above all…it’s DELICIOUS! So why go without?

Since 2011, the FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization) has warned us how urgent it is to diversify our protein sources favouring the development of new, much more sustainable sources, like insects.

What are the risks of eating insects ?

In reality, you already eat more than a pound of insects each year without knowing it, they are naturally present in juices, fruits, vegetables and the food colouring E120, made of cochineal, which gives a red colouration to many foods! Warning: if you are allergic to seafood, spiders or acarids, you might well be allergic to insects, so do not eat any without the advice of a specialist (see question 9).

Like every product of animal origin, farming conditions and product transformation will determine the quality of the insects you will consume. We advise you to favour insects or insect-based products resulting from European farming, which is usually more demanding in terms of health and dietary norms.

Which insects can I eat ?

According to the latest studies, there are more than 1900 edible insects, but the more famous ones are the Orthoperans (grasshoppers, locust etc) as well as beetles’ larva (worms, weevil etc) or even Hymenoptera (ants, bees’ larva…). For your own safety, do not eat the first bug you find in your garden, they might have parasites or be contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals.

How does it taste ?

Try it and you’ll know!

Obviously, it depends on the insect you’re tasting and on the way it is cooked, but JIMINI’S cares about your taste buds and seasons its insects with various and original flavours: fruity curry, sesame & cumin, pepper and dried tomatoes etc. We also use the best organic ingredients for the production of our protein bars, enriched with cricket flour.

What about nutritional intakes ?

Insects are rich in proteins and vitamins, omega 3 & 6, but also in minerals. What’s more, they’re naturally low in fat! Seasoned insects are the perfect appetizers! As flour, insects will bring the necessary minerals, amino acids, omegas, vitamins and proteins to your food!

Where do Jimini's insects come from ?

For higher quality and traceability, our Grasshoppers, Mealworms and Crickets come from specialised farms exclusively in Europe. They are dehydrated, and then prepared in France in our workshop, near Paris. So, we do not hunt them in our garden, but neither do they come from across the world!

Is it good for the environment ?

Edible insect farming has many benefits: insects do not need much water or food, they are stored in levels on small surfaces and they reject very few greenhouse gases. Thus we can say that their environmental impact is much lower than that of “traditional” farming. However, we should not celebrate too soon: to have a significantly lower effect on the environmental, insect consumption would have to increase enormously over the next few decades.

How do I eat them ?

JIMINI’S’ Grasshoppers, Mealworms and Crickets are ready to serve, you just have to open the box and pick an insect or put them in a bowl for your guests. As an appetizer, they will create a casual and friendly moment before dinner! Our Origine insects are ready to cook! You can try one of our recipes from our blog! Our protein bars are ready to eat too, to boost your energy before or after sports!

Can I be allergic to insects ?

As we’ve mentioned above, insects contain the same allergens as seafood, acarids and spiders; more specifically it is the chitin that triggers the allergic reactions. If you might be allergic to one of these arthropods, do not take any risk and ask an allergy specialist.

How long can I store my insects ?

Our products can be stored from 8 to 12 month, depending on the batch number on the packaging.