Edible Bugs & Insects – The Top 5 Myths

Edible bugs are still surrounded by quite a few mysteries and myths so we put together our top 5 in the hope of showing you just how amazing insects really are!

N ° 1: Spiders are insects…

Spiders and scorpions, the little hairy beasts, are technically not insects but fall into the class of arachnids since they have eight legs, whereas insects have six legs and two antennas.

But spiders are sneaky masters of disguise. To infiltrate ant colonies, spiders sometimes use their front legs to simulate antennas, leaving them with six legs to walk on, like ants. They can also secrete an odour that makes them smell just like ants as well. Crafty.

N ° 2: Insects are useless…

Insects pollinate flowers, fertilise soil regularly, recycle plants, and even offer us a free cleaning service for our forests. Without knowing it, they serve us every day and constitute about 80% of the terrestrial biomass (all living beings on Earth). Whether they’re beautiful, ugly, small or large, they each have their own use. And let’s not forget all those edible bugs that are now proving to be a sustainable food source.

N ° 3: Bees only serve a purpose when it comes to honey…

Bees produce thousands of tons of honey every year. The activity of these pollinating insects is estimated at between $190 and $320 billion per year for the world economy. According to the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA),

without our friends the bees, we’d be stuck for juicy fruits and even our favourite cup of coffee in the morning. There are so many things they help to pollinate (along with other insects) and without them we simply wouldn’t have these products. And if we tried to do the pollination ourselves it would be highly uneconomical.

N ° 4: Insects cannot be eaten…

Edible bugs and insects  actually taste pretty damn good. Since the dawn of time insects have been eaten and now they are consumed by more than 2.5 billion people around the world. More than 1,900 edible insect species are recorded worldwide. Besides, we know a great way to eat insects: the aperitif! We recommend trying out our crickets and mealworms ready-seasoned and perfect for the aperitif! And if you need any recipe inspiration we have a few light and tasty ideas.

N ° 5: Insects have no future as a food source

The word impossible is not in our vocabulary, and we want to keep pushing the boundaries and discovering new ways to enjoy these not-so-creepy critters. The UN itself encourages the consumption of insects, describing them as an ecological alternative to beef. Several companies have already started with the aim of promoting insects in various industries, food and feed, pharmacology and even in the energy sector.

Hopefully we’ve help to dispel some common myths about insects for you. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to eating insects and perhaps feel a little squeamish we recommend starting with our delicious high protein and energy bars. You’ll soon see how delicious they are and will be snacking on whole insects in no time!

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