IKEA created an insect burger

Did you know that 30% of IKEA customers go there to eat in their restaurant? The managers of the famous store chain are aware of it and take this information very seriously!

Ikea space10lab imagined the fast food of the future and created 5 recipes that we should be able to find there pretty soon. Among those 5 recipes, there is a burger made of insects, our mouth is watering!

As patties enriched with insects proteins arrived this summer on Swiss shelves, now this is IKEA who is interested in insect burgers and put them on their “future food” menu.

For IKEA, insect burgers are the future of fast food!

Concerned about today’s and tomorrow’s health and environmental issues, IKEA created the “Innovative Space10lab”. Born in 2015 in Copenhagen, its mission is to “create a better and more sustainable lifestyle”.

The Danish innovative lab invented 5 recipes that we will maybe find on fast food menus in a near future. The ingredients chosen for composing the recipes must follow some criteria. That’s not a secret anymore, our food choices have a tremendous impact on the environment. The recipes are made with products having a small footprint. But that’s not all, the ingredients must also be highly nutritious AND tasty.

Insects are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. They need few resources to be farmed but are above all delicious! They deserve to be on this menu!

On tomorrow’s fast food menu, there is a burger made with mealworms and insect meatballs that should be offered.

La “Neatball” ou boulette aux insectes développée par IKEA

Here are the 5 recipes :

    • “LOKAL” salad: A super green salad with sprouts.
    • “BUG BURGER”: A burger where meat is replaced by a mix of mealworms and roots vegetables.
    • “NEATBALLS” : “Meatballs” made with insects and root vegetables. According to the creators, they are better served with mashed potatoes.
    • The “DOGLESS HOTDOG” where dried and glazed carrots are replacing meat. They are topped with beets, currant ketchup, onions, cucumbers and herbs.
    • MICROGREEN ICE CREAM: An ice cream made with microgreens and spices where the sugar has been replaced by apple and lemon juice.

We know that you’ll be disappointed but these recipes have solely been developed for culinary research. IKEA explained that they have no intention to put them on their menu. But as we are cool people, here are the ingredients that you’ll need for making your own insects burgers, just like IKEA.

The recipe of the IKEA’s insect burger

If you want to make your own insect burger just as IKEA, the innovative lab gave us the list of ingredients that you’ll need; here are the ones you’ll need for one burger:

– 50 grams of mealworms for cooking
– 100 grams of beets
– 50 grams of parsnips
– 50 grams of potatoes

Mix everything, form some patties and grill in the pan!

As a garniture: beet relish, chives, blackcurrant ketchup and microgreens.

It made us hungry!

What would you think if we create an insect video recipe with this burger?

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