3 ways to spice-up your appetizer with edible insects

The appetizer is a cheerful moment, the perfect moment to spend some time with your friends and have a chat with a drink and some snacks. At JIMINI’S, we’re expert for that, so we’ll share our best tips with you !

You’ll be the star with edible insects

Soon, there will be YOUR snacks and the other boring ones. You’ll have to be impressive and make this moment unique! We’ll invite you to put the stake on the details. As we say, the weevil is in the details. We’re betting on the edible insects as a snack. They’re crispy as crisps and open the minds to interesting discussions. If you want to be original and offer a unique moment, edible insects are a must!

Forward-looking you’ll be!

For a perfect appetizer, it’s important to prepare everything far in advance in order to be ready to welcome cheerfully your guests. There is always something that can go wrong like your friend who forgot the address or the dish that is undercooked.

Being forward-looking, that’s also being ready to all the specificities! As an example, your friend Gregory might not drink alcohol and would be grateful if you got some juice for him. Your friend Yvette might be allergic to peanuts. Guess what would be the perfect gift? Yes, you got it, crispy crickets!

Set the pace!

At this point, you’re on track for the perfect moment. Everything is ready; you’ve got the juice, wine, beers and the crispy insects. Now, it’s time to set the pace. First and foremost, hide your remote controller! Instead of watching a TV show that nobody really likes, prepare some fun challenges and board games.

The goal is also to make a warm place to encourage a lot of fun and discussion, so put some low music and nice lightings.

You’re now ready for your next appetizers. Share your wins in the comment section, if you’re ready to jump in and spread the worm, you’re welcome to share your pictures with us!

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