5 things to bring for hiking : Don’t forget your energy bar!

During summer when we’re seeking for cold, for moving and for relaxing, there is nothing better than hiking.
We can enjoy the fresh air of the mountain, nature while walking. We’re refreshing our mind while shaping amazing calves! But what do we need to take for hiking? For sure, the JIMINI’S cricket energy bar is a must have but that’s not all… Here is a list of 5 things to bring in your bag when you go hiking!

1) Water and low sugar drink

We never compromise on water! If there is one thing you shouldn’t forget it’s definitely water to hydrate yourself. If you want to fill your body with vitamins and minerals, you can take mineral water, it will bring you some calcium and magnesium. For keeping your drinks cold and limit plastic use, pick an isotherm flask.

2) Hot and weatherproof clothes

Do you remember when your mum was saying: “Don’t forget your jacket; it’s cold outside “? Well, we’re gonna say this sentence again. In mountains, the weather is changing. As we climb, it gets colder. Moreover, clouds can get stuck in summits and a little shower is quick to come. That would be a shame and not quite convenient to wear wet clothes all day! But there are some limits, the belt pouch; we say no.

3) Nutritious food such as energy bars

When going on a hike, we shouldn’t forget to bring something to recharge. Our energy bars enriched with cricket powder will be a perfect match for hikes! Did you know that Matthew Hay, explorer in Groënland used them as snacks during his expedition? Which flavour will have your favour? Are you more into our cricket energy bar banana and dark chocolate or our caramel, apple and cinnamon? That’s a tough one…

4) A pair of flip-flops

Hiking shoes are really useful, we can deny it. They maintain your feet and prevent impacts. On the other toe, it’s different for perspiration and toes movement. With a pair of flip-flops in your bag, you can release your toes during the midtime lunch. Even if for some of you, taking off your hiking shoes is the biggest relief of the day, we still recommend you to pick a pair of shoes that fits you.

5) A tennisball

Yes! You read it well, we recommend you to take a tennis ball. If it’s not for training for Wimbledon, what would it be for? During a hike, our calves, glutes and legs can suffer from this long effort. The uphills and downhills put some efforts on our different leg’s muscles. While having a pause, for reactivating your blood circulation and releasing your fascia, take the tennis ball in your hand, press it on your leg and use it like a foam roller. It will put your fibre muscle in the right way and reactivate your blood circulation. Even if you won’t be ready for Wimbledon, at least you’ll have some fresh legs!

Here you are, ready for a walk with your family and friends! If you’re getting for a very long hike in an unknown area, don’t forget the maps and lights!

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