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In the backstage of our Christmas’ limited edition of edible insects

Brace yourselves winter is coming… And like each year, we’re excited to unveil our limited range of edible insects! You don’t have any idea of what to offer for Christmas? Edible insects of course! For this year, we put the small boxes into the bigger ones in order to offer you 2 new flavours. Yes, our famous Salted butter caramel mealworms were so beloved that we let them on the menu. For learning everything about our new flavours, come in the backstage!

The Mealworm – Salted butter caramel – From limited edition to eternal flavour!

We start this list by making your mouth watering and let you wait a little bit more… Everything started in August 2017 as we were looking for flavours to offer you for last Christmas. We deeply wanted to combine the crispiness and the cashew aroma of mealworms with a sweet seasoning that brings us delightful memories.
As we were thinking about the different memories of our childhood, one souvenir appeared as obvious: “SALTED BUTTER CARAMEL”.

This sweet flavour from Brittany is often used in biscuits and crepes, we thought that they would be great with our mealworms. That’s how is born our famous flavoured insects. With so much such success from Quimper to Brest, we kept definitively this recipe on our catalogue. Under the Christmas tree or while in the beach during summer, you could be pleased with our Salted butter caramel mealworms at every time.

The Red fruit crickets – Some sourness and freshness for winter

For this year we wanted to propose a fruitful seasoning. And which insect, better than cricket could be used for that? Crickets were already picked and loved with their sweet mango seasoning. For this winter, we’re proud to offer you our famous cricket coated with a mix of red fruits.

The cricket has a nutty taste just as roasted hazelnuts. For balancing these aromas, we coated the crickets with agave syrup and gently sprinkle some raspberry, strawberry and black currant powder. They will bring some sourness and sweetness that will please children and grown-ups.

Red fruits crickets will be perfect as a snack, as a topping for your desserts and will delight your guests during the winter’s cold days.

The Buffalo worm – Vanilla and chocolate – For getting everybody to agree

At JIMINI’S, we’re asking ourselves several existential questions :

  • Crickets or mealworms ?
  • Winter or summer ?
  • Cat or dog?
  • Vanilla or Chocolate?

There were many discussions about the last one when we got to choose a flavour to coat our buffalo worms on. For this Christmas, will we combine the crispiness of buffalo worms with the sweetness of vanilla or chocolate’s character?

We had to take a decision! After 54 duals of “rock-paper-scissors”, 38 fights of Nerf and 12 ping-pong matches, it was impossible to pick one. For this winter, we will then offer you some buffalo worm gently coated with agave syrup and generously sprinkled with chocolate and vanilla extract. Whether you’re a chocolate or vanilla kind of person, everybody will be together during the dessert’s time!

This insect will be perfect for being eaten during your holidays’ events, after a hard day at work or simply as a snack.

During this end of the year, discover edible insects under all of their forms with JIMINI’S

Eating sweet insects during the Christmas period is a good way to discover or rediscover this food source. At JIMINI’S, our mission is to integrate step by step edible insects on French and European menus. That’s why we developed a whole range of healthy and tasty food products containing insects that will fuel your body from breakfast to dinner (without forgetting snacks! ). Join our mission and start cooking insects today for a food revolution!

An as always, our insects are bred in Europe by specialized farms following the highest standards of quality and traceability. Our food products are then prepared with care in our workshop in Melun by our team to offer you crispy and tasty products at each bite.

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