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JIMINI’S was in China for the world’s conference on edible insects

From the 15 to 18 of May 2018, JIMINI’S was at the world’s conference on edible insects. The conference called “Insects to feed the world 2” took place in Wuhan, China and followed the first of the name which took place in 2014 in Wageningen in the Netherlands. On the menu for this conference: the development of the edible insects industry in order to answer to today’s and tommorow’s global food issue. We were there to present our vision and mission and also to make discover our insects, crickets bars and granolas to all the world experts present during the conference.

Experts from all around the world to talk about edible insects

We were honoured to be surrounded by many of the worldwide experts. During these 4 days, many topics were tackled. There wore more than 125 presentations about insect farming, nutritional benefits of edible insects, how to improve the process to lower the footprint of insect farming and also how to make food products out of insects.

Among all of these interesting and inspiring presentations, here are some that especially awaken our interest :

  • Julie Lesnik, American anthropologist, explained the historical link between women and edible insects that started a long long time ago…
  • John Kinyuru presented the importance of edible insects in Kenya.
  • Dennis Oonincx, a Dutch scientist, presented his last studies regarding the nutritional values of insects.
  • Roberto Flore, Italian chef from the Nordic Food Lab, showcased the importance of chefs for raising the acceptance of entomophagy.

We got the opportunity to present our products, the way we produce them, our vision and the way we present our products made out of insects.
We can’t hide it any longer, the favourite moment was the tasting!

Edible insects; a global solution to answer local issues.

All of these presentations helped us realise that the industry is growing and expanding and that edible insects can help solve many issues that could help improve our global food system.

Locally, thanks to their nutrient density they can bring some proteins, vitamins and minerals to populations that could present some nutritional deficiencies.

In Western countries where we consume enough food or even too much, they are an excellent source of protein requiring few resources to be produced. Moreover, insects can be fed on by-products that can help reduce the amount of waste we produce.
Today, they can be discovered during appetizers, for completing our daily food’s recipes or for bringing energy when they are incorporated into protein bars. Tomorrow, they will be processed and could replace a meat portion.

Everywhere in the world, edible insects present some nutritional and environmental benefits but are also a social and allow before all to reconsider our food choices. So, are you more up to a crispy grasshopper, cook mealworms or recharge your batteries with some recharger vos batteries avec des protein bars enriched with cricket powder ?

PS : Will you find our team member hidden in the photo?

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