Cooking insects : A new version of our ORIGIN range

Our ORIGIN range has been created 3 years ago to help you embark on an exciting journey: Give you the opportunity to let you create recipes and cook edible insects. With the time passing by and listening to your feedbacks, we decided to renew it. Be ready to cook insects like never before with our new Origin range. On the menu : Au programme : new packagings, new prices and new insects.

2 new insects to cook : The cricket and the buffalo worm

Since the beginning, we were offering you 2 insects species of insects for cooking: Mealworms and grasshoppers. Along the way, we created different recipes and learn with you how you can easily start cooking insects.

As 2018, was our cooking year, we started to create many recipes with mealworms and grasshoppers. Risotto, cookies, spreading, brochettes, bruschettas, pancakes and many more. To follow this journey, we wanted to offer your 2 new insects: the Buffalo worm and the Cricket.

The buffalo worm is a small insect that will be perfect to use as toppings in salads or dessert. The crickets have a nutty taste and are crispy, they will add a pack of protein and crispiness to your recipe.

Making it cooking insects easier

As a good news never comes alone, we also worked for lowering the price of our insects for cooking range.omme une bonne nouvelle n’arrive jamais seule, nous avons aussi fait notre possible pour baisser les prix ! Résultat, les grillons, molitors et buffalos passent à 4,90€ et les criquets à 6,90€ au lieu de 7,90€. ??

Discover the “real taste” of edible insects

Many of you are asking : “What is a natural taste of insects?” With this range you can taste, learn and experiment with a natural nutty taste of each of our 4 insects : Crickets, mealworms, buffaloworms and grasshoppers. Which one will have your favour?

Create some delicious recipes with crispy insects

Brace yourselves, we will publish many recipes to guide you on the way to become an “Ento-Chef”. Follow us on Facebook ou Youtube to be the first to know when our recipes are online. Here is a glimpse of what will come in the following weeks : Caramel apple with buffalo worms, crickets wrap, mealworms crumble, ktipiti crickets… Mouthwatering, isn’t it?

If you too; you want to cook edible insects for your friends or family, share the pictures of your delicacies and don’t forget to mention us with the hashtag #eatsmaller ?‍?. We will share the best recipes !

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