How to pair drinks with insects

We are heading to Imbibe Live next week, so to celebrate we’ve been thinking about the best ways to pair drinks with insects for the ultimate taste sensation. If you’ve been to one of our bugs and beer events you’ll know what we are talking about!

Paprika Grasshoppers

A red wine will go nicely with our edible paprika grasshoppers. Wines such as Cabernets are bold and big in flavour, so pair well with other big, bold flavours. The distinct peppery sweet taste of paprika will go well with these wines. Alternatively if you’re more of a white fan you could pair it with a Chenin Blanc.

Smoked Onion & BBQ Crickets

It’s not just about the alcoholic drinks with insects either. What about a ginger beer? A distinct, fresh taste without being too sweet will go very well with this smokey, barbecue crickets.

And if you feel like adding a bit of alcohol why not go for a Dark & Stormy by adding some rum and lime juice to the mix. A taste of summer to go with the flavours of a great British barbecue.

Greek Spices Grasshoppers

The Greeks have enjoyed wine for years and they are one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. In fact the Ancient Greeks often enjoyed eating beetles and larvae, so we’re sure they’d approve of our drinks with insects pairings.

What better way to enjoy these snacks than with a crisp white wine? With flavours of oregano, thyme, onion and garlic you need a bit of acidity. Something bright, light and zesty would work perfectly with these herby, Greek grasshoppers.

Sweet Mango Crickets

What else says balmy summer sun like a pina colada? If you’ve already got a sweet tooth and are opting for this creamy tropical number then our sweet mango crickets are the ideal accompaniments. Everyone knows mango, pineapple and coconut are a match made in heaven!

Alternatively if you’re having them as a sweet treat as part of your dessert at the end of your meal a fresh mint tea would go wonderfully. Something refreshing, light and palate cleansing, and great for your digestion too.

Sesame & Cumin Mealworms

This tasty combination has flavours not only of sesame and cumin, but also background notes of fennel, caraway and turmeric. A refreshing tonic water would go superbly with these edible mealworms especially with a hint of citrus added in.

Imperial Soy Mealworms

A crisp, dry drink with a subtle citrus aroma, a Japanese beer would go nicely with our soy edible mealworms. The fermented, sweet and salty flavour of the soy mealworms will be perfectly balanced with the cool, refreshing taste of these beers.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for ways you can pair drinks with insects for a tasty bar snack or a delicious aperitif. Give it a try! Also, share your nicest pictures on social medias with the hashtags #bugs&beer and #wingsandwine !

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