JIMINI’S at Science fair to make you eat insects!

This year the national science fair is lasting more than a week in Paris. From the 8th to the 16th October, biology, chemistry, physics, nutrition and ecology are highlighted. By offering edible insects, we fall into many of these categories. Insects’ biology and behaviours make them highly nutritious and sustainable to produce. We were able to offer crispy crickets, mealworms to children and adults for 3 days in the science fair.

Children and adults start to eat insects

It was an active week-end for the whole team. For 3 days, we held a booth called “Will we eat insects in 2050? “. We can state that we already eat insects in 2018! When it’s time for presenting entomophagy, talking about the benefits of edible and offer crispy buffalo worms and cricket protein bars, we’re always ready!

On Friday, we presented the nutritional and environmental benefits of edible insects to schoolchildren. They were receptive to the message. Before the presentation, some of them doubted the fact that we would eat insects in 2050. After the presentation, there were only a few of them… And the tasting of roasted mealworms and chocolate granola enriched in insect protein conquered the last ones!

During the 2 other days, you were many to come to meet us for eating insects and have a talk.

“Why should we eat insects?”

We hear this question more and more often. The first barriers are starting to drop and you’re more and more numerous to jump in and to start eating insects.
The discovery of edible insects and the following reaction” Oh but crickets are actually good!” is often accompanied by this question “But why should we eat insects?

This question makes sense! In order to answer the issues our food system is facing, new solutions are necessary.
The way we produce and consume food has a big impact on the environment. When we’ll be 10 billion people in 2050, those can’t be sustained if we want to feed everyone in a healthy and sustainable way.

Promoted by the FAO since 2011, edible insects are a solution. High in proteins, vitamins and minerals, they require few resources to be farmed and tasty; eating insects makes sense.

At JIMINI’S our mission is to add edible insects step by step in our diet. In order to make you love eating insects, we’ve been developing for the past 6 years a large range of food products made out of insects. From breakfast to dinner without forgetting snacks, you can discover and benefit from the nutritional values of edible insects in tasty products. Are you ready to jump in?

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