Eat insects with your ice cream!

Eat insects with ice cream – are we crazy?

You might not immediately think of it as an insect with your ice cream . We love to challenge you!

Firstly, if you have already tried our bugs, you’ll know that when you eat insects they are delicious. They’re crunchy, similar to popped rice or small bits of crisps. Pick a flavor that you enjoy such as ‘Garlic & Herbs’ or ‘Fruit Curry’ and off you go. A healthy and tasty snack packed full of protein.

Eat insects as dessert

But they do not just have to be a savory treat. Our sweet mango crickets combine the delicious fruity mango flavour with this distinctive crunch, much like you would find in a tropical fruity granola. But there’s no need to stop there and eat insects on their own. They can be added to a variety of foods for an added kick of protein and flavour!

Crumbled and added to ice cream is a great way to eat insects and they simply taste like crunchy pieces of wafer. It’s also a good way to disguise insects for anyone who might be a little reluctant to give them a try. Just remember our allergen advice !

What flavours will work?

So what flavours would work with our sweet mango crickets? Well you can not go wrong with chocolate, so why not add a fruity twist on top? You could also add some fresh fruit along with the insects. A coconut ice cream would be transformed into a tropical treat with the addition of mango crickets – just throw in a palm tree and warm breeze to take you to paradise …

Or if you fancy a little healthier why not make a smoothie bowl. You can whizz them all up into it, or sprinkle the insects on top. We bet you never thought you’d eat insects for breakfast!

Fans of insects with ice cream

The Economist has also made a jumping on the bandwagon encouraging people to eat insects with their Feeding the Future campaign to ‘discover radical alternatives for a sustainable future of food’.

It’s becoming more and more common to eat insects, so if you like your food and care about the environment,

And if you’re craving more, we ‘ve got more insect recipes for you.

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