Eating insects as an athlete

Whether you are a weightlifter, endurance athlete, CrossFit athlete or cricketer, all athletes need protein to recover after an effort. As far as we are concerned, that can be done with insect protein. In addition to a complete amino acid profile, edible insects are also packed with B12 vitamin and iron.

Fun fact: Insects are paleo proof!

Our R & D department is, therefore, working hard to make a tasty (!) protein shake with edible insects. However, this is challenging because insect protein does not dissolve well in liquids and that does not help improve the taste. Nonetheless, we will, of course, come up with a good product!

Why would you choose protein from edible insects?

There are several reasons, but the main reason is that insect protein is much more sustainable to produce than other animal proteins. So you not only take care of yourself because you get high-quality protein, but you also take good care of the planet! So, you hit two worms with one stone and you, as a sportsman, definitely love efficiency! In addition, another advantage is that edible insects also contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are also important to keep your body in top shape.

A good number of athletes already preceded you and use our products. For example, Jan Fokke Oosterhof, who runs the Marathon des Sables and eats our protein bars. We got other supporters, the olympic athletes at Papendal, eat our Italian protein paste at lunch to recover better. In addition, our national manager of the Netherlands is an avid athlete and she has certainly not performed worse since she eats more insects. On the contrary …

So, we wait together for our insect protein shake, but in the meantime, you can already order our nuts and fruit bars enriched with cricket flour or our Italian protein pasta. These products will ensure that you recover better. Our motto is, therefore ‘Get bigger, Eat smaller!’.

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