Eating insects is good for the heart !

The benefits of eating insects

We already know that eating insects has a large number benefits. Insects are delicious, an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals and they are a sustainable food source.

But that’s not all…we can now add another benefit to the list: Eating insects could be good for taking care of our heart.

Phytosterols are our friends!

Well known for their beneficial effects on cholesterol level regulation, on the immune system and their antioxidant properties, phytosterols present several benefits for our health. That’s why several products are enriched in phytosterols for lowering the cholesterol of population at risk and therefore prevent cardiovascular risk. These amazing phytosterols are naturally in plant-based products. But guess where you can also find them? In grasshoppers!

Eating insects as a source of phytosterols

Scientists in Kenya discovered that the delicious grasshoppers contain some phytosterols. What’s even more interesting is the amount that is found in the insects. As grasshoppers eat plants, they gradually accumulate the amount of phytosterols in their body leading to them containing a great deal.

And as if this wasn’t enough, they are also able to transform phytosterols into new forms that have other benefits on our health. While eating insects, we are benefiting of all the good food they have eaten: We are what our food eat.

And that’s not all! Scientists also discovered an important element in grasshoppers that could increase our vitamin D absorption, which is mainly provided by sunlight.

What does it mean?

These first discoveries will for sure lead to new researchs and the chances are high that our grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms are hiding a lot more benefits… Because yes, in certain countries, eating insects is also a way for curing diseases and stay healthy.

While waiting, why not follow your heart and try our brand new recipes? We created some brand new and delicious flavours with a new high-protein insect – the buffalo worm. Here are our 3 new delicious flavours; Spicy Chilli Buffalo Worms, Sour Cream & Onion Buffalo Worms and Salt & Vinegar Crickets.

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