Eating insects, stars are getting crazy about it (again!)

At JIMINI’S, our mission is to democratize edible insects consumption. We want that eating insects become normal but stay delicious. As appetizer, snack, as a dish or as a dessert, there are 1000 ways of eating insects.

For more than 5 years, we were more than one million to try our insects from all around Europe. While joining us in this, you are each of you our stars!

But you’re not the only celebrities to indulge yourselves on insects. After the French rapper La Fouine, Anne Hidalgo in 2015, and French president François Hollande and Salma Hayek in 2016, who are the super ambassadors of entomophagy in 2017 and 2018 ?

Those celebrities who eat insects

Angelina Jolie turned her children crazy about edible insects after a trip in Thailand. When they went back to the US, they were so fond of them that she had to find a way to find some those crispy and nutritious crickets in the US. Last year, she went beyond and cook some tarentulas in front of BBC cameras. While she was frying the spiders in the pans, she declared: ” I think that humans have always eaten insects, we just forgot.” She finished by: “The most easy way for the first is some crickets with a beer.” We got crispy crickets finely seasoned with barbecue, who bring the beers for a pairing insects/beer?

During the presentation of his new album in January 2018, Justin Timberlake served some insects to his guests. Simple hors d’oeuvre is old fashioned, it was ants spiced with rose oil and garlic served with grasshoppers pancakes. We would have loved to try this menu, all the more that the menu was prepared by the NOMA restaurant. This Danish restaurant has been elected “Best Restaurant of the World” many times. Its chef René Redzepi enjoy especially cooking ants for their delicate citric flavour. For us, it’s the sweet mango crickets to delight our sweet taste !

Finally, in early February, the beautiful and wonderful Nicoke Kidman revealed her little secret in front of Vanity fair cameras. What she loves the most: eating insects!Even if we prefer them roasted and cooked than raw, we can only follow Nicole in her delicious adventures. Her favourite insects are grasshoppers :

“Grasshoppers are a delicacy, I recommend them to anyone”

When we told you that Nicole had some great taste!

Edible insects, who’s next?

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