Eating insects? You are already doing it !

Eating insects, you find it weird and special? What if I told you that you already eat insects without knowing it ?

Eating insects?! Me?! Never!

Many of you are still hesitant to try crispy grasshoppers. With their wings and legs, eating insects can seem special and unhabitual. But, did you know that there are many bugs hidden in your daily food that you eat ?

Candies and tarama are appealing to the eyes with their shiny red. This color comes from the cochineal

This small insect produce this colouring called “carmine”. Once thawed, the insect is turned into a powder. Some ammoniac and minerals are added to the mix and we’ve got our additive. It is then called E120 and can be added to a large variety of food products

Insects, edible insects everywhere!

If the red colour can be an indication that there are some insects in your food product, there are in many other where it’s more complicated to detect them!

In your bread and pasta, insects are everywhere. Grounded insects and fragments are present in the flour. There are also some insects in the coffee beans, peanut butter, jelly, juices and tomato sauce.

At the end, we can estimate that any Westerner eats 500 grams of insects every year! And 500 grams, that’s already a nice plate of insects. But why not go to the next level and eat insects on purpose to benefit from their nutritional values and delightful taste

Go to the next level of edible bugs !

Now that you know eat insects almost every day you shouldn’t be affraid to munch a crispy grasshopper!

Seasoned and crispy, taste real insects with JIMINI’S. Our crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms and crickets are farmed in Europe in specialized farms and are slightly cooked and seasoned in our workshop near Paris.
If you prefer benefitting from the incredible nutritional values of insects without seeing them, you can recharge your batteries with our pasta, protein bars and granola enriched with insect powder.

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