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Feeding the future with edible insects : The Economist magazine with JIMINI’S

To raise awareness about the issues our global food system is facing, the Economist launched a campaign “Feeding the future” to leave readers to consider possible solutions. For feeding the 10 Billion people who will live on our planet, new nutritious and sustainable source of proteins will be necessary. Among the different solutions, edible insects are one picked by the Economist. We’re proud to announce that we supplied The Economist with our cricket protein bars to help them showcase people how tasty and nutritious insects can be.

The Economist and edible insects: a long story

The famous British newspaper has been aware of the potential of edible insects as a food source for many years. Since 2008, even before the FAO report, the Economist described crickets and mealworms as a sustainable source of proteins.

The pop-up street campaign that took place in London from May to June 2018 in different places offers 5 different options to let the audience discover new food alternatives:

  • Insect Ice Cream – Ice cream topped with insects was served to raise awareness about entomophagy and make the idea of eating insects palatable in the western world
  • Insect protein bars – Energy and protein bars made with cricket flour were offered to show that insects are a healthy and sustainable alternative protein source that can be utilized in daily food products.
  • Meat Makers – Plant-based meat tacos which highlight the livestock industry issue was served.
  • Waste Food – Smoothies made with fruit and vegetables rejected for being “unsellable” even though perfectly tasty to eat was offered. It showcases the impact of food waste.
  • Grounds for change – Coffee grounds are thrown away even if they can be used in many ways. The campaign demonstrated some smart uses of the coffee grounds.

What were the reactions of people who ate cricket protein bars?

The people who were lucky to try our apple, caramel & cinnamon cricket energy bars and chocolate & fig cricket protein bars commented that they” really enjoy the taste”, they “would totally try again”.

They characterized cricket bars as a “great concept” and their reaction toward eating insects shifted. They declared that “people should eat more insects”.

We can say that our part of the mission was accomplished! Are you ready to jump in? Here are more information on the nutritional benefits of our cricket bars.

Why eat insects ?

In 2050, there will be more than 10 Billion people. In order to feed this growing population in a nutritiously and sustainably, we will have to find new ways to produce and consume food. Edible insects were eaten since the birth of humankind and still today more than 800 Million people eat insects. Insects such as crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers are packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals. As an example, cricket powder contains more than 67% of proteins, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. They require few feed, space and water to grow and emit almost no greenhouse gases.

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