Insects sourcing: An European step forward!

From December 14, all edible insects available on the European market will necessarily come from European breeding farms, or almost! *

Indeed, in a text voted on November 28, 2019, the European Commission has set up a strict framework for the origin of insect-based food products, in the interest of consumers.

In a few days, therefore, the only countries that can import insects on the European market will be those of the European Union, but also Switzerland, South Korea and Canada, those are the only countries meeting the export conditions imposed by the EU.

It is in this context that JIMINI’S has been committed for 7 years now to use only insects from European farms.

Traceability and food safety are two essential criteria for the quality of our products, but also for the education and standardization of our market. The application of European controls and standards to our young industry, as well as the creation of regulations controlling the sourcing of edible insects placed on the market, are essential prerequisites for the development of our sector.

JIMINI’S fully fits this standardization process and has invested in its workshop, thus becoming the first company in the world to be certified ISO 22000, then FSSC 22000, for the quality of its production. The entry of this text on December 14 is for us a real recognition of the seriousness of the European insect industry and will allow offering to the consumers’ real transparency on the origin and the conditions of breeding of their products. If you want to know more, you can find the entire amendment to European regulation ratified by the President of the Commission Jean-Claude JUNCKER by following this link

* Are only authorized on the European market insects from member countries of the European Union as well as from the following third countries: Canada, Switzerland and South Korea subject to compliance with the other provisions of regulation 2015/2283 known as Novel Food.

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