Japanese insect recipe : Tsukudani confit

Grasshoppers, wasp larvae, silkworm pupae: In Japan, eating insects is present even if it’s not very public. One of the popular ways to cook insect is the “Tsukudani”.

Cooking an insect recipe: The tsukudani confit

This way of cooking comes from Tsukudajima island where it was first elaborated as a condiment and when then adapted all across Japan with several other ingredients, even for creating insect recipes!
This tasty preparation preserves the ingredients and works well with grasshoppers, silkworms and wasp larvae.
For cooking insects in a tuskudani way, it’s really easy! First, boil or deep fry 100grams of your favourite edible insect and then add:

  • 10 cL of soy sauce
  • 10 cL of mirin, a sweet rice alcohol
  • A half teaspoon of sugar
  • A tablespoon ( 15 mL) of mizuame, a liquid sugar.

Mix well, caramelize the mix and that’s it! Your insect recipe is ready! Serve as an entree or with recipe. Cooking insects is easy as a pie.

If you enjoyed this traditional insect recipe, stay tuned because JIMINI’S is sporing the les Criquets Migrateurs projet. Their mission is to travel around the world to raise awareness about the tradition of entomophagy and the different way of cooking insects. As you may have expected, their first stop was in Japan. Their next insect recipe will come from Cambodia.

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