We’re coming in 650 German supermarkets !

After announcing, last year, that our insects were arriving in Spain, here we go again! We’re proud to reveal that JIMINI’S is coming to German supermarkets.

Our whole team worked diligently for months to achieve this project. Our range of products is now available in Kaufland, part of the 2nd biggest retail chain in the country.

Learning from our first experience in large retail stores

Thanks to our first experience with Carrefour in large retail stores, our products will be directly available in 650 supermarkets all across the country

From 6 years now, we’re working every day with the same mission in mind: Making eating insects normal in Europe. Edible insects are high in proteins; they require few resources to grow and represent a solution to our food system’s issues. After offering our products in fine shops, bringing edible insects is supermarkets allow us to touch a broader audience and have a more significant impact.

After a first launch in Carrefour in Spain last year, we’re thrilled to have concluded this new partnership with Kaufland in Germany. That’s a further massive step for the edible insects’ sector, as Kaufland is a key player in the European retail store sector.

Nicolas Camo, our head of export, is enthusiastic:
« I think that’s an excellent opportunity for the whole industry to start a partnership with such a major retail chain in Europe. It’s a concrete engagement from the retail sector toward a healthier and more sustainable food system.”

Offering a large range of products for different moments

Our mission is to make you enjoy eating insects. To put edible insects on a regular basis in the Western diet, we’re creating different food products in our workshop near Paris. These various products are adapted for everyone and every moment of the day. Because we believe that taste and quality are essential, we always use high-quality ingredients and processing methods that preserve the nutritional qualities.

As you may have discovered us with the whole seasoned insects, we’ve now introduced a broad range of products that, we hope, will delight the German market.

It will chirp on Kaufland’s supermarkets shelves with:

  • Our 3 granolas enriched with buffalo worm powder
  • Our range of protein and energy bars enriched with cricket powder.
  • 6 references of our well-known seasoned insects
  • Our high-protein pasta

From breakfast to dinner, without forgetting snacks and appetizers, it’s now possible to incorporate edible insects in one’s diet in Germany, step by step and in under different forms.

Spain and now Germany, what’s next?

As we’re working in a fast-paced sector, it’s tempting to always look at the next steps. As we’re in for the long term, we’re trying to grow and help develop the sector one step at a time.

At every stage, we take some time to celebrate, learn from the experience and try to improve for offering a better and better experience every time.

It’s a long journey but being part of creating a more sustainable and healthier food system for a better future is worthing it.

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