During the beginning of November was held the IPIFF annual meeting where JIMINI’S was present for talking about edible insects and to also offer some crispy insects to the whole assembly.

The IPIFF; working together to develop the edible insects industry

As every year was held the IPIFF annual event in Brussels. The IPIFF is a group of companies, associations and universities working together to promote the use of insects as human food and animal feed. Founded in 2012, it is now composed of 46 members who realize the following missions :

  • Promote the use of insects as an alternative source of proteins by talking regularly with the European authorities.
  • Support the development of the sector by helping members to develop the highest standards of hygiene and quality during the whole chain.
  • Inform the general public and communicate on the nutritional and environmental benefits of insects as food and feed. As there are 15 countries represented, there must be a common message.

Chez JIMINI’S, nous sommes fiers d’être membres de l’association afin de pouvoir partager nos idées et faire avancer le secteur. Afin d’être au coeur des décisions et de pouvoir participer activement au développement de la filière, Bastien, un des 2 co-fondateurs de JIMINI’S, fait partie du comité exécutif dédié à la consommation humaine. Pour faire simple, nous nous investissons le plus que nous pouvons pour réaliser notre mission : intégrer les insectes dans le menu des Européens.

An event that allows us to learn more about the industry…

During this day, different experts shared their research so the 250 attendees got fresh new information.

That how we could learn more about the evolution of the regulation in Europe, the social aspect of eating insects and have some feedbacks and pieces of advice from other industries.

Bastien was the moderator of a session where we could listen to :

    • Lars Heckmann, from the Danish Institute, who explained the progress that was made on the farming handbook, the future ultimate guide for every insect’s farmer.
    • Justin Butner, who was here for representing the North-American Association for Insect Agriculture, talked about the need of collaboration at a global scale.
    • Anne Wagner, from Protéines France, who put forward the synergy between the development of several alternative proteins industries in France.

We left the place with much new information!

… And offer JIMINI’S crispy insects and protein bars to the whole assembly

Between the sessions, everybody needed to recharge their batteries or share a worm to know each other better. You could guess that we were part of the party ! During breaks, we offered our bars and granolas during snacks and as appetizers roasted crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms were welcomed with open mouths.

Its always important for us to get feedbacks from experts who eat insects on a regular basis. The results were toujours très intéressant pour nous d’avoir des retours d’experts qui mangent et font manger des insectes au public. The results were concluding, our booth was “the place to go” during breaks. We were even wondering if people didn’t prefer eating insects rather than listening about it!

The favourite products were the cinammon, caramel and appel cricket energy bars and the sesame and cumin mealworms, and you, what do you think ?

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