Kanye West is eating insects as a celebration

We often hear in the news that celebrities start eating insects for different reasons. They start to eat insects because they’re nutritious or because it’s a sustainable food source but mainly because it’s delicious! It’s not a secret anymore that insects are considered as delicacies all around the world. We already wrote an article about some celebrities that embrace entomophagy, we can now add Kanye West to this ever-growing list!

Eating insects as a celebration and to overcome fear

As other celebrities were eating insects for taking care of their body and the planet, “YE” ate insects with his father “to overcome fear” and celebrate.

He posted a picture on his Instagram and Twitter account of a large plate of roasted grasshoppers. The description states: “Overcome fear. My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer. No more fear”

Even if eating insects is getting more and more “normal” in Europe, the US and Canada, for many it’s still a challenge and a fear to overcome. It’s interesting to see that he sees eating insects as a way to celebrate an event!

We can totally understand that eating insects can be seen as a challenge for the first time. For the majority of us, we grew in an environment where “insects” in general are considered pests or dirty. For some people, it’s easier than for others. The people who are always in for trying new experiences and food are called “neophiliacs”. At JIMINI’S, we also have a big challenge: Making eating insects delicious for the majority!

Making eating insects tasty for the majority

Insects are high in proteins, vitamins, minerals. Farming insects have a low impact on the environment. Moreover, they have a nutty taste that is well appreciated. But that’s only one part of the equation. For many people, they are not considered as food yet…

That’s where what we do at JIMINI’S: Making European enjoy eating insects! We believe that this food source is a solution to help solve our food system issues and that eating insects could make us healthier and lower our footprint.

For the past 5 years, we’ve been developing a large range of tasty food products made out of edible insects. From whole insects as snacks to protein bars and insect granolas and pasta, our goal is that when you decide to eat insects, it’s because you enjoy it and not a challenge anymore!

Are you ready to jump in?

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