The nutritional benefits of JIMINI’S cricket protein bars

We know it, our protein and energy bars enriched in cricket powder are making you hungry and are raising your curiosity!
In this article, we will try to answer your most common questions so our insect protein bars won’t have any secret for you.

The beginning: Make you benefit from the nutritional properties of insects in a healthy product

When we decided to create a range of protein and energy bars enriched in insects, our goal was to offer you a food product that is tasty and also nutritious. In order to stay true to our values, our main goal was to use the maximum amount of raw organic ingredients packed with macro and micronutrients and with a processing system that preserve all the nutritional properties of each of our ingredients.

With these requirements in mind, our team of engineers in nutrition and food science decided to use a basis of dried fruits that are cold pressed to make our bars. The use of organic dates, apricots, figs and almonds give the structural matrix of our bars. Those ingredients also give a smooth texture to our protein and energy bars and help maintain all the other ingredients together.

Where do the carbohydrates in our cricket bars come from?

Dates, apricots and figs are fruits that, when are dried, are naturally high in carbs but also contain fibres and essential minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium and vitamins.

Our bars are packed with other fruits such as banana, apple or goji berries. Carbohydrates are naturally present in fruits, you’ll, therefore, find them with all of their other nutritional benefits in our insect protein bars.

For your sweet tooth, we added some small amount of natural sugars into our bars. The sugars are under the form of honey, a natural simple carbohydrate with a moderate glycemic index (less than 4% in our bars) or in ingredients that compose each unique recipe of our bars. (Dark chocolate, caramel)

With its properties, honey also helps us “fix” all ingredients together.

Finally, crickets can contain up to 10% of carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates are chitin, which is an insoluble fibre that helps the good function of our digestive system..

Does our insect protein bars contain lipids ?

Almonds are another structural element of our cricket protein bars. You’ll find them under various forms. In chunks, they will add a nice crunch and in puree, they will help maintain all the ingredients.

Almonds are nuts that contain 40% of lipids. Lipids or fatty acids do represent a source of calories but all fatty acids are not created equal! The fatty acids that can be found in almonds are the ones called “healthy fats”; poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated acids that our body needs.

Crickets, chia and hemp seeds that you can find in our bars are also packed with essential fatty acids and especially omega 3.

Finally, we put dark chocolate in some of our recipes. Dark chocolate contains fatty acid in the form of stearic acid. The lipids that you can find in chocolate can lower our blood pressure.

Cricket protein bars are high in protein

The crickets ground into fine powder contain 67% of proteins. Those proteins contain all the 9 essential amino acids that our body needs and are well digested.

But that’s not all! Our team of food scientists developed 2 range of bars adapted to the needs of everyone. Our energy bars contain 14% of proteins whereas our range of protein bars contain more than 20% of proteins. Those proteins come from a unique mix of plant and insect proteins and from
ingredients that are naturally high in proteins.

Our energy bars are composed of a mix cricket powder and hemp protein and our protein bars are packed with a mix of cricket powder, pea and sunflower protein. Our bodies can take advantage of the nutritional benefits of each of these protein sources.

JIMINI’S cricket bars are packed with micro-nutrients.

Micronutrients are essential elements for our body that we need to ingest every day in a small amount.

These nutrients can lack in our modern diets and cause some deficiencies.

Don’t worry, our bars are full of them and they will bring you the energy required to help you achieve your daily goals.

Crickets contain iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B12.Almonds and dark chocolate contain vitamin E, zinc, magnesium and iron. Finally, dates, figs and apricots are an excellent source of potassium and are full of anti-oxidants.

With all of that, we forgot to talk about taste but for that, we will let you make your own judgement.

Don’t hesitate to jump in and tell us which recipe of our cricket protein bar you enjoyed the most!

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