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Our new bars are here

Our protein bars are back, even more nutritious and tasty!

New flavors, new recipes, new colors, all new to give you energy and accompany you everywhere! Our new recipes have been worked on to bring you more protein and more deliciousness! Our protein bars are good for your body and our planet!

We explain why:

💪 Thanks to buffalo worm powder our bars are sources of protein, rich in fiber and they contain vitamins B1, B2 and B12 as well as omegas 3 and 6 (if with that you don’t climb Everest we don’t know what to do…)

🌱 Edible insects are among the protein sources with the lowest environmental impact. Insects need less space and water to produce than other animal proteins!

To give you an idea, it takes 10 hectares and 16,000L/kg of water to produce 1kg of bovine protein while it takes 1 hectare and 800L/Kg of water to produce 1kg of insect protein.

Whether you’re team running on the docks 🏃, hiking in the mountains🏔, squats in the living room🏋️ or just a foodie 🤗 we have the protein bar for you!

Our insect powder bars, like all of our products, are cooked in our workshop located in Vaux-le-Pénil near Paris. All the little ants work hard to preserve the quality of our ingredients in order to awaken your taste buds and give you all the energy you need for your balance and well-being!

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