Rebranding JIMINI’S – new step for edible insects

It’s been already 8 years that Jimini’s is making Europeans crunch edible insects. Our numerous partnerships, meetings, exchanges, and the increasingly regular appearance of the subject in the media shows it: Europeans are opening up to the consumption of edible insects (and that’s good for us). Our work to democratize and lower the brakes is paying off. The perfect moment in Jimini’s adventure to take a new turn.

Why this new identity?

Communicating on edible insects is an everyday challenge. Between the existing brakes, the “fun” part of tasting and the nutritional benefits to communicate without passing for scientists … 
This new signature will allow us to go beyond all of this and to reaffirm our main values: naturalness, culinarity and French know-how.
The goal is also to bring greed when reading, to keep our fun side but to remember that great foods are not only ‘great’, they are also tasty, good for you and for the planet.

A visual change

Little ants that we are, we wanted to collaborate with a specialized agency for this pharaonic project. After the call for projects, we have selected Dragon Rouge and worked for 6 months in close collaboration with their team. Brainstorming, exchange of creative ideas, models, definition of the strategy, retro planning … A brand new creative identity has emerged:

The logo: similar to a small undulating worm in the thickets, our brand name takes on its full meaning here. A more modern typography, a format adaptable to many more supports and especially a symbolism much more meaningful than the previous logo.

The baseline: “Si mini et si bon” (“So small and so good” in french) words with roundness and delicacy. Small insects but great powers (taste, food…), because they are naturally rich in protein, fiber, vitamins … while not needing much water, space, or even food.

A new range architecture

Another step in this transformation was the work made on our products. The revisit of our recipes was done by Pauline, our Research and Development specialist. We made a point to lower the amount of salt in our aperitif boxes, and we did it right. 2 times less salt in these new recipes, replaced by more spices to put flavours in the spotlight.

New products and a new range architecture will also be forthcoming for development in specialized stores and supermarkets for a set up in your daily purchases.

Reaffirmation of our core values


Tasty: To eat salty or sweet, we too often forget that edible insects can be incorporated into a lot of recipes and any meal of the day. We want to celebrate this consumption diversity and remember that they can be tasty by bringing everyone together: Insects are now part of French gastronomy.

Positive: Eating well is not a drudgery. Nutritional intake and delicacy go hand in hand. We forget the pompous information that annoys us and we pimp our daily life by doing good without even realizing it!

Natural: Natural ingredients, little transformation, no Xthing, Esomething product added, clarity, benefits, beneficial nutritional values. We eat natural and have fun. Moreover ? (because, yes, there is more) we do good to the planet, with made in France products, little greedy in energy, water, food etc …

So, what do you think about it?

You may check all those changes week after week on our social media, and during the following months in our partners outlets!

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