Everything about the science behind edible insects!

When are attending events, we often get questions about edible insects. As time passes by, the questions are getting more and more complex and interesting. As we want to always be able to answer all of your questions, we read and study a lot our topic. You can call us the ‘edible insect nerds’. In order to make your life easier, we have already listed a number of articles, including a list of our favourite edible insect scientists at the University of Wageningen in Netherlands and US.

The first article about edible insects was written in 1919. Meanwhile, after almost a century a huge number of articles have been published.

One of these publications, cowritten by Arnold van Huis, is particularly noticeable. This book that has been published by the FAO in 2013 is a reference for us and we are not alone; it has been downloaded more than 7 million times! It’s the most downloaded book from the FAO.

If you want to be expert, be ready ! Here is the link for the 250 report ‘ Edible insects Future prospects for food and feed security ‘ that motivated many of us to jump into the ento-journey.

Everything you want to know about edible insects!

Okay, we understand that you may not feel like reading this book right now… If you want to relax and want to learn more about edible insects , grab some crispy crickets and enjoy this video from BBC.
But if on the other you caught the bug and want more information? In 2017, a beautiful book was published. It’s called ‘Insects as food and feed: from production to consumption’ and treat

Everyday more, here a list of our favorite edible insect scientists. Type their names in google scholar to find their publications! You won’t be disappointed by their work; some of them have been studying edible insects for more than 20 years :

  • Arnold van Huis
  • Dennis Oonincx
  • Marcel Dicke
  • Jeffery Tomberlin

    A lot of research into edible insects is also done at the University of Wageningen, via this link .

    Among other things, research is being done on breeding, marketing and processing. Are you a student? Consider taking the course ‘Insects as Food and Feed’ at Wageningen University Research center.

    Do you have any idea to complete our list? Send an email to coucou (@)

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