Top 5 ideas for a perfect Christmas

Youpi, it’s almost Christmas!

The turkey, the fireplace, the Christmas tree, the playlist and the reception of the guests … Everything has to be perfect, otherwise, the magic might fly away. Because we’re here to serve you, we give you our five best tips for a successful Christmas party!

1. The music: forget Mariah Carey

Yes, because Christmas is something special … It doesn’t mean it’s the moment for all kinds of saucy songs (except maybe later in the evening, after a few worms), but that does not mean either you have to listen to the sound of choir recital. If the guests come in for a playlist that is nicely vintage, let everyone feel totally relaxed and at ease.
But do not forget that music determines the atmosphere. Put some nice rock during the aperitif, to prevent everyone from falling asleep! And cheers!

2. The aperitif, avoid this mistake

When we describe a successful Christmas, we think about food! Do not stay too long with the aperitif. Otherwise, it will be a disappointment for those who spent the whole afternoon (or days … or weeks …) in the kitchen to prepare all kinds of delicious dishes …
Our preference naturally goes for refined snacks based on insects and vegetables! Tasty light and rich in nutrients, they fill your guests in a healthy way.

3. The key to a successful Christmas: decoration & atmosphere!

That’s not a secret that beautiful Christmas decoration means a successful (at least partially) Christmas. To impress your guests, build a tree and forget the plastic tree from the artificial forest. You can make your own Christmas tree in many ways: You can use strips of paper, books, wooden slats (like ours, thanks to our co-founder Clément also known as the handyman) … Everything is possible! The secret is in the recyclable materials.

Of course, Christmas also fits with the fireplace. It’s cosy and warm. Unfortunately, it is usually reserved for houses with a chimney. BUT, we have a tip for you: turn this video on. The crackling flames will do their job, really!

4. The ice cream cake, a traditional dessert … but then customed

With ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream … Every year it is the same story. So go crazy and customize your ice cream cake with vanilla-chocolate buffalo worms, it will add a crunchy, decorative touch. You can also sprinkle some mealworms with salted butter – caramel on your dessert. It will surprise your guests and add an aromatic note to your dessert.

5. Presents! Gifts!

Ok, and now let’s be really honest. With our child spirit in us, we only think about one thing: PRESENTS! But getting presents is one thing … OFFERING presents is something completely different … Please, this year try to not do it at the last minute. Finding good and useful gifts takes some time, so be prepared.

At last, but not at least, we wish you a wonderful Christmas !

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