Try out some edible insects for Chinese New Year

Edible insects in Chinese tradition

Many people think that edible insects are an integrant part of the Chinese traditional food culture, but eating insects is not that common after all.
As a reminder, China is 14 times bigger than France and there are more than 1,4 Billion people living there. That’s normal that the food habits are different in each region!

Chinese gastronomy is one of the most various gastronomy in the world. There is a large variety of vegetables, meat, fish, grains and insects that are eaten. In China, insects are not only considered as food but as medicine.

Chinese traditional medicine is using a large variety of insects and other arthropods to cure various diseases. As an example, scorpions and millipedes are prescribed to cure infections whereas cicada could help you get a clearer voice.

Edible insects : Industry of tomorrow

You’re not without knowing that the worldwide population is growing every year. To feed this population, we need to produce food with a tiny footprint.

That’s for this reason that many Chinese entrepreneurs and farmers started to farm black soldier flies.

High in proteins, they can be fed to fish and chicken and even by us!

Edible insects are also eaten in Europe

Being afraid or disgusted by the idea of eating insects, also called the “Yuck factor” is only the mind, regarding safety, there is no special risk.
In France, we’re cooking snails and frogs… And now, we are also cooking insects!

Are you ready to jump in?

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