1 savoury recipe with insects

Shall we make a little locust wok? We’ve selected a recipe based on edible insects, quick and easy! Crunchy, tasty, generous, etc.!

Preparing your (super) grasshopper wok

To make this incredible recipe, you’ll need about twenty minutes of cutting and peeling (well, what we soberly call “preparation”) and about fifteen minutes of cooking (and then, I promise, we eat!)

Ingredients and utensils (for 4 people):
1 wok (or large frying pan)
4 carrots
20 cl of water
½ bunch of radishes
2 courgettes
2 red peppers
12 raw prawns
2 cl olive oil
1 tin of natural grasshoppers
6.5 cl soy sauce
10 g sesame seeds
coriander (amount according to your preference)
pepper and fine salt (amount according to your preference)

Follow the recipe, you’ll see it’s easy!

First of all, remove the wings of the locusts, for this we have prepared a small tutorial dedicated to this step 😉

Once this is done, you can wash and rinse the vegetables.

In the same wok, first cook the peppers on high heat, and salt to taste. Leave to cook for 2 minutes.

Then add the carrots and the water. Stew for 3 minutes. Then add the radishes and cook for another 1 minute.

Finally, add the courgettes, salt and pepper. Cook on high heat for 2 minutes.

When the cooking is finished, pour the soy sauce and sprinkle the coriander and sesame seeds into the dish. Your insect recipe is ready!

Chef’s tip for your insect recipe:

If you want to be 100% insect friendly, you can replace the prawns with locusts coated in garlic foam butter. Yummy!

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