3 winter’s recipes inspiration with edible insects

It’s winter, so it’s clear, it’s too cold outside to chill with edible insects on a terrace and enjoy the sun, we’re more in the mood let’s “stay warm inside”. On the opposite, edible insects in our recipes, we say YES!

That’s for us; here we are some ideas of recipes with edible insets to warm your heart and your belly for the whole winter!

The famous raclette… with edible insects!

How could we miss the raclette? THE recipe we think about when we think about “winter recipe”. This is the world’s most convivial dish. THE dish that makes our mouth watering. THE dish… you got it, we love raclette. (We’re French and we love cheese!) And if for this year, we replaced the meats by insects? Yes, indeed edible insects. And what for? Simply, because it’s crispy and delicious! But that’s not all; edible insects are a sustainable source of protein and, with the cheese, we’ve got enough saturated fat, let balance everything with crispy insects.

PS: And if you need more reasons, edible insects could be great for some of your vegetarian friends or simply for those who don’t like meats.

Change your croutons in your soup

For our greatest delight, winter is the soup season. Gently cooked in a pot, then mixed and that’s it ! And what would be a soup without some croutons ? As crispy as croutons, they are packed with proteins and have a nutty flavour. Wether you prefer small buffalo worms or big grasshoppers, there are a large variety of choices.Insectes comestibles natures, Molitors Sésame & Cumin, Buffalos Crème Oignon ou encore des Criquets Paprika.

Not bad, huh ?

Dessers or winter’s verrines

If during the summer, we’re more like “Let’s have a fruit”, during the winter we’re more keen to indulge ourselves with a small dessert. And as we’re talking about dessert, why not add some insects? They are high in protein, have a small nutty taste and are crispy. They could be the perfect match in any cake or verrine. We’re found of winter’s verrine of Alix Boudon (her recipe will be soon on the blog !), with mealworms, pears, speculoos and chocolate.

Are you hungry now? Don’t hesitate to prepare some recipes with edible insects and send us the pictures of your creation at

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