The ultimate insect snack picnic

There’s nothing like a picnic on a sunny day, but it can be invaded by all sorts of flying, often bothersome and sometimes stinging little critters. We have put together our top 5 ways to keep the insects at bay … and then of course we’re going to show you how to have the ultimate insect snack picnic.

How to avoid insects in your snacks!

  1. Get set up
    Setting up your picnic in a good place is always a good start. Do not opt for a spot right next to a rubbish bin! Water is also very attractive to midges and mosquitos, so avoid any stagnant water, ponds or puddles. It could seem like a place to sit by the water but it could be a better option to avoid it.
  1. Accommodate your guests
    Set up a separate sugary dining destination for the bugs so they can get their fix of sweetness and leave you in peace to enjoy your food. Even just a small bowl of sugary water can be enough to keep them at bay and give them an insect picnic all to themselves.
  1. Seal it up
    Keep any fruity, sugary drinks in bottles with lids. Open cups or cans can be particularly encouraging to our pollinating friends who are always on the prowl for something sweet.
  1. Practical planting
    If you’re just eating al-fresco in the garden think about planting mint, wild garlic and rosemary. These scents naturally keep any uninvited guests at bay and you’ll always have something tasty and fresh to add flavour to your food.
  2. Smell the roses (just don’t smell like one)
    Try not to wear floral perfumes, especially those with rose in them. You might think you smell delicious but so will many insects. Mosquitos and wasps are particularly keen on these sweet scents in the heat of the summer sun, so unless you want to be dive-bombed, maybe leave it off!

But instead of thinking about how to keep the insects away from your outdoor feast, why not think about all the ways you can include them? Here are our top 5 ways to have the ultimate insect picnic.

Enjoy some insect snacks 😉

  1. Drinks & Snacks
    If you fancy picking up a few drinks and heading outside with friends why not ditch the crisps in favour of something a little bit different? Our delicious grasshoppers come in a variety of flavours, so there’s sure to be something to tickle everyone’s tastebuds.
  1. Pasta Salad
    A pasta salad is a classic for a picnic. Our protein pasta cooks just like regular pasta and can be eaten in your favourite sauce. Why not try a pesto to go perfectly with our Basil Fusilli , or add some cherry tomatoes and mozzarella and a drizzling of olive oil for a fresh, summery flavour.
  1. Ice Cream
    That’s right. Add some protein to your ice cream and a little extra crunch too. Our Sweet Mango Crickets can be added whole or crushed to some vanilla ice cream to add a delicious new dimension. If you think it sounds weird, trust us. It’s just like having little bits of wafer in your ice cream – and mango flavored ones at that! We think it’s delicious.
  1. Picnic Power
    If you are going to find an adventurous spot to have your picnic then you need to make sure you are fully charged and ready to explore. Our protein bars are enriched with cricket flour and are gluten and dairy free. They’re packed full of fruits and other yummy goodies too – you’ll be surprised at how good they taste.
  1. Salads
    A crunchy, fresh salad is a perfect accompaniment to any summer picnic. But how about adding some extra flavour such as Sesame & Cumin mealworms to the mix? These flavours go really well with charred broccoli and lentils or even just a simple avocado and tomato salad. Crush them up and sprinkle them over just before serving as an original and unique salad topping.

So here you have it, our top five ways to avoid insects and how to enjoy some delicious insect snacks in this amazing sunny weather. Finger’s crossed it lasts!

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