We make people eat insects at the FNAC Live Festival!

For the past 3 years, JIMINI’S has been FNAC Live Festival’s partner. This event is held every year for 3 days in July in Paris City Hall. Just as for every event, we make eat insects to a growing and more excited audience. After offering some crispy and seasoned edible insects for the first 2 years; this year we proposed some novelty! On the menu, it was an insect pasta bar for the pleasure of everyone!

Eat insects, have a drink and listen to music at the FNAC Live Festival

The FNAC Live Festival is an expected event for many people living in the Paris area. We have to admit that for 3 evenings of free concerts, a summer weather, some edible insects, a cold beverage and a setting sun; who wouldn’t be excited about that? For 3 evenings, people could dance listening to artists such as Moha la Squale, Eddy de Pretto, Angèle, Gaëlle Faye, Sting or Shaggy.

For the lucky ones who got a VIP pass, they got an access to a private area.

What’s inside FNAC Live festival’s private area? It’s still music with an open bar! Small start-ups and bigger food and beverage companies are invited to bring their novelties to a hunger audience.We can’t hide that the public ate some insects and some snacks while enjoying some cold drinks, listening to the music and watching soccer.

An insect pasta bar !

The past years, we offered our famous finely seasoned whole insects. Between 2 concerts (and 2 beers), the audience could grab some grasshoppers, crickets or mealworms. For this year, we went beyond!

For enchanting everyone’s taste buds, we brought our brand new insect pasta bar.

On the menu, it was simple and efficient:

Some small crispy insects on top of insect pasta: a double way of eating insects!

We were delighted, the good results were there! Seeing people eating insects while smiling means the world to us.

Why eating insect pasta?

We admit that whole seasoned insects as an appetizer, it’s very cool to make people discover entomophagy and break the early barrier. But edible insects have a lot of nutritional and environmental benefits that we want to make you benefit from! Our mission at JIMINI’S is to integrate step by step insects on Westerner’s menu. Making people eat insects during their main course is important! It adds a nice taste, some nutritional benefice and it diminishes the environmental footprint of our food.

To integrate edible insects directly in the meals, we developed a range of high protein pasta enriched with insect powder.

Our high protein pasta is made of whole wheat flour and some buffalo worm powder. Buffalo worms once reduced in powder are packed with up to 60% of proteins, iron and B6 and B12 vitamins.

Our high protein pasta contains more than 18% of proteins and is also a good source of iron, vitamin B12 and fibres. This pasta could, therefore, represent the main source of protein of your dish. Just in case, we’re not against some crispy insects on top! You then add some vegetables and you got a great salad.

If you need some inspiration, here are insect dishes recipes !

So, are you ready to eat insects ?

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