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Alternative proteins recipe: Insects-Breaded vegetables with algae mayonnaise

Today, JIMINI’S is presenting you its new recipe…
In order to help you discover alternative protein sources, the easiest way is during the appetizer. For so, we prepared you a recipe combining 2 alternative proteins: Insects and algae.

Algae and insects: Alternative proteins combined in a simple and tasty recipe

In order to face tomorrow’s environmental and food issues, especially the production of high-quality proteins in sufficient quantity, several solutions have been proposed. The easiest way to try them is for a buffet or an appetizer with your friends!

Among them, insects and algae are on the top of the list. Both are high in proteins, vitamins and minerals and need few resources to be produced.

We often hear that insects and algae are “future food”… But that’s not, discover today these alternative proteins and be in the forefront! Here are our insects-breaded vegetables (with mealworms to be more precise) with an algae-based vegan sauce, The “Good Spoon”.

Our recipe for an amazing bug buffet : Algae and insects

If you don’t tell your audience, they won’t even notice there are insects and algae in your recipe!

In fact, insects will be directly mixed in powder with the breadcrumbs and algae will serve as the emulsifier and will replace eggs in your sauce. Enough talk, let’s go to the preparation!

Ingredients for 5 peoples

    • 1 box of ORIGINAL mealworms
    • 30g of breadcrumbs
    • Spices (paprika, salt, cumine, pepper…)
    • Flour
    • 1 egg
    • 4 carrots or your favorite crispy vegetables
    • 1 jar of Vegan sauce “THE GOOD SPOON”


      • Turn your mealworms in powder with a food processor. Add the breadcrumb, then the spices and salt. Mix everything.
      • Cut the carrots, bell peppers, zucchinis, cucumber or any other crispy delicacy in cubes or slices. In a bowl, beat your egg.
      • With a fork, take your veggies and roll them in the flour, then in the egg and finally the insect-breading.
      • Heat a pan with oil at mid temperature. Cook your breaded-vegetables for 2 to 3 minutes on each side.
      • Put them on a towel paper to absorb the remaining oil.
      • Prepare a bowl with your favorite THE GOOD SPOON sauce.
      • Serve them still hot (but not too much!) and enjoy them!

So what did you guests say about your buffet? Send us some pictures, we would love to see it! Discover all of our insects’ recipes to help you cook edible insects on our blog !

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