How to cook insects ?

Once you discover our seasoned insects as appetizers, you often ask the following “How to cook insects ?”
If after following our blog, you still got questions on how to cook insects, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will guide you for helping you to create your own recipes made out with insects. Cooking insects won’t have any secret for you!

Discovering the taste of insect cuisine

The first reason to cook insects is evidently the taste and unique texture of insects. Naturally, insects got a taste between nut and cereals with some fluffy and crispy textures depending on the species. As an example, mealworms have a flavour profile between bread and cashews. Crickets have a stronger taste and could be compared as sunflower seeds. The grasshopper, depending on its cooking method can be compared to almond. At last but not at least, our smallest insect the buffalo worm has a wheaty taste and a fluffy texture.

In order to benefit from all the different flavours and textures, whole insects could be used in risottos, salads or gratins. With their small size and texture, they could replace almonds or bacon. If you want to enhance the flavour of insects, cook them gently in a pan with a little bit of oil and seasonings.

Insects just as almonds, are perfect for desserts! You could, for example, prepare chocolate topped grasshoppers or use insects for sprinkling on your cupcakes.

Ideas for benefitting from the gustatory properties of edible insects:

Prepare edible insects to benefit from their nutritional values

Insects are high in proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Why wouldn’t you benefit from these amazing nutritional properties in your daily dishes? Grind the insects into powder or add them whole in your preparation. They will add some nutrients to your smoothies and baking flours. As a starting point, add up to 10% of cricket or mealworms powder to start preparing super pancakes. Moreover, they will a nutty taste that everybody will enjoy.

A handful of insects in your salad or your taboule will add some proteins and fibres to your meal. It will improve your digestive system activity and will bring you satiety. Fatty acids that you’ll find in crickets are Omega-3 fatty acids that are necessary for our brain function. Combine them with walnuts, hemp, flax or chia seeds to get a snack that will boost your mind!

For helping you out, we developed a whole range of nutritious products made out of edible insects: Cricket protein bars, pasta or granolas.

Our culinary inspirations to benefit from the nutritional properties of edible insects :

Acai bowl enriched with insects
High protein pasta with pesto avocado and brazil nuts

Create recipes with insects for discovering new experiences

Cooking insects, it’s also a way to discover new flavours and culinary experiences and share them with your guests. For this matter, use whole insects to get a unique experience. If you grind them into powder, tell your guest before tasting, you’ll become the pioneer who will open their mind and mouth to the pleasure of entomophagy. Discover and share insect cuisine today, is to be a forerunner and starting to integrate today a healthy and sustainable food source. For this matter, you got 2 options; you could either prepare some brand new recipes with original but tasty ingredients or use insects in some common recipes. It’s up to you!

Some ideas to discover insect cuisine :

Obviously, you could get some inspiration from our insect recipes we develop on a regular basis, as we learn day by day how to cook insects.

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