How to eat crickets?

Crickets are one of our favourite insects. With its puffy texture, the edible cricket leaves no one indifferent. We have created a 4-step guide to eating crickets to inspire you to take the plunge and join the JIMINI’S experience. Crickets are not only crispy and tasty, they also contain almost 70% protein. You’ll become an entomophagy expert!

Edible cricket, eat it in 4 steps:

  1. First of all, arrange your crickets in your best ramekin. Next, ‘popper’ your bag of edible insects and pour them into the container of your choice.
  2. Bring your eager friends to join in this tasty treat and you’re ready to eat crickets!
  3. Take a pinch of crickets between your fingers and add how classy it is to eat edible insects! There’s nothing to take away, edible crickets can be eaten as is. As the saying goes, everything is good in crickets.
  4. Finally bring your crickets to your mouth for a crunchy and delicious experience. Repeat from step 2 until the end of the aperitif!

Eating crickets starts today!

This aperitif will allow you to discover edible insects in the most delicious way. At JIMINI’S, we work every day to incorporate insects into our culinary repertoire, so invite your friends to join us!

There you go, you are now an entomophagy expert and you know how to eat edible crickets.

If you feel like it, why not discover our other insects? We’re sure you’ll love our crispy crickets and delicious molitors! If you want to discover our entire range, our aperitif pack is perfect for you!

A little background on Jimini’s

Jimini’s is a young French company that has been creating healthy and tasty insect-based products since 2012. What is good for you must be good for everyone and for the planet (such is our saying)!

Gourmet, natural and positive are the words that perfectly represent the spirit of Jimini’s.

Thanks to insects, we develop everyday foods that are nutritious and have a minimal impact on the environment. Our complete range of products can be adapted to a multitude of tastes and needs. All our products are manufactured in our workshop in Vaux-le-Pénil, near Paris, in the tradition of French know-how.

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