The difference between feed and food

You may have seen, read or heard that a chain of supermarkets will soon be selling chickens fed on insects. We won’t mention the name of the company, but we can give you some clues: it’s not Carrefour, nor Leclerc, and it starts with A and ends with uchan.

However, some people confuse edible insects with edible animals fed on insects. So we wanted to clarify the subject and explain the difference between “feed” and “food”. By the way, if you repeat “feed and food and feed and food and…” 10 times very quickly, you get “Davy t’es fou”. For the record.

Insects in “feed

Feed is the food used to feed animals that are then destined for our plates. In this case, chickens are fed with insects and are destined to be eaten.

Insects as food

Food” is food intended for humans, which is the case with JIMINI’S products. All our products are intended for human consumption.

A little case study?

Ok, so to better illustrate, here are some examples:
The dog food is feed
JIMINI’S delicious bars are food
Insects fed to chickens are feed
JIMINI’S insects are food

Hopefully this is clearer now, and if you want to try some great food products, have a look here.

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