My first insect

You have finally decided to take the plunge and taste an edible insect for the first time. You have heard about it from friends, colleagues and family who have had the opportunity to try it and who were proud to tell you about their experience! So why not now!

Eating an insect, for us Westerners, is almost as strange as going to work in pyjamas, it’s unnatural. But in fact, it’s not at all, on our planet more than 2 billion human beings eat them daily! Sometimes insects are even considered a luxury food, like in Mexico for example! We want to see your family’s face when you bring insects to your family meal instead of foie gras!

A little due diligence

Before going ahead, a little checking is in order because, like all edible foods, insects have allergens and we don’t want that to spoil your enjoyment:

Insects belong to the same family as molluscs and crustaceans. If you are allergic to them, we advise you not to eat insects. If you are allergic to dust mites, we advise you not to eat our products. Finally, our products may also contain traces of nuts, gluten, egg and sesame seeds.

If you are not allergic to any of these little creatures, you can go ahead and taste them!

Edible insects for all tastes

You have chosen to try the adventure with Jimini’s insects, you won’t regret it! We are a young French company that has been manufacturing and marketing edible insect-based food products since 2012!

Our range is composed of three types of insects: crickets, locusts and molitors. Each insect has several seasonings! We’ll let you choose the one you like best (taste and colour, you know…).

Most people start by tasting molitors, they are small mealworms, and they are our smallest insects! The salty recipe with garlic and provence herb is a classic that will satisfy many! In a sweet version, discover the delicious molitor with caramel and salted butter for your snack break!

What is the sensation in your mouth? Our molitors are small, crunchy and the flavours of our seasonings are just right! You realise that insects are actually very good and that you want to come back to them!

Once you’ve got past the first step, you can move on to the top size with our crickets! Our crickets are slightly larger than molitors but still relatively close to the size of a pea! As far as seasonings are concerned, there is something for everyone! Our selection to start with would be our smoked barbecue onion flavour grillon and our red fruit grillon for sweetness!

You will find all the crunchiness and greediness you felt during your first tasting! It eats itself! But wait, you still need some space for our third insect! And not the least: the cricket!

The cricket is our most imposing insect, it causes a sensation with its head and wings and we wonder how we will manage to put it in our mouths? Don’t panic, we’re here to help you and you’ll see you’ll love it!

First of all, choose a flavour that you like! For a savoury recipe, we can recommend cricket with pepper and dried tomatoes and for a sweet recipe, cricket with cocoa!

Before tasting, it is advisable to remove the wings and the head of the cricket for more comfort in the mouth! We have made a little tutorial for you for this step! Once the wings and head are removed, the cricket is less impressive and still tastes good!

Now that you’ve finished your tasting, all you want to do is share this experience with your friends and family!

Share your tasting with us via our social networks and to flambé with your friends who you don’t think are capable of it!

Now that insects don’t scare you anymore (it’s not the little beast that’s going to eat the big one, is it?) and that you’re starting to understand all the benefits of eating insects (environmental, nutritional, gustatory…), we suggest you discover our insect powder-based products! We have (for the moment) protein bars, pasta and granola! Enough to treat yourself all day long in a healthy, nutritious and very tasty way!

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