What to drink with insects

We’ve been asked many times: what to drink with my edible insects? So we rolled up our sleeves, took a deep breath, and went to meet the best experts on the subject!

We start soft

Aperitifs are not always synonymous with wine, beer or cocktails and can be satisfied with a good, cold, non-alcoholic drink. That’s it!

When it comes to edible insect/soft drink combinations, we couldn’t find a recognised expert, so we decided to put together our own panel of experts. Giovanni, an iced tea specialist; Sophie, a compulsive Coca Cola drinker; and Nicolas, a fruit juice lover of all kinds. The results were clear: all the drinks tested went well with our aperitif insects, the sweet/savoury association works well, tested and approved!

Food and wine pairings that hit the spot

To find out which wine to pair with our little crickets, molitors and crickets as an aperitif, we decided to call on our friends at Le Petit Ballon. Jean-Michel Deluc, Master Sommelier since 1991 and former sommelier of the Ritz (please), organised a little tasting for us. Result: remember to match edible insects and wine according to the seasonings, as the flavour of plain insects is masked by the seasonings.

We are still working on the mousse

A must for aperitifs, beer can be dressed in many colours and flavours. We have not yet found our beer expert, but we are working on it!

And if you too have experimented with insect & beverage combinations of all kinds, don’t hesitate to share your experiences on our Instagram page or to write to us!

And don’t forget, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, not locusts 😉

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