3 things to know before eating insects

Haven’t eaten insects yet? You’ve come to the right place.
We’ll give you some insight by answering three questions we’re often asked.

Can I eat insects?

Generally speaking: yes. The insects offered by JIMINI’S are of course recognised as edible. They have been bred for human consumption and all our finished products have been tasted, crash-tested and improved by our team before being offered for sale.

As explained in our article on food allergies, eating insects is strongly discouraged for people with shellfish allergies. This is because insects are, in a way, cousins of shellfish and can contain the same allergens. We explain on all our products that people with allergies to shellfish and/or mites may have an allergic reaction to insects. Also, if you want to share your insects, ask your friends, it won’t cost you much and you won’t have to go to the pharmacy.

If you are a pregnant woman, there are currently no contraindications in force, but since it is not advisable to eat foods that are unknown to the body of a pregnant woman, we opt for the precautionary principle and advise against eating insects during the pregnancy period.

Where do the insects come from and are they of good quality?

At JIMINI’S, we have chosen to work with European producers who guarantee us optimal quality and traceability and who are controlled by the competent European authorities. Unfortunately, in most cases, products imported from Asia and Africa do not meet the same sanitary standards as in Europe and the insects are often raised in opaque conditions, from the installation to their feeding (see also our article “Why not eat insects from your garden”). Finally, it is an environmental choice. We try, at our level, to source insects as close to home as possible. We see insects as an ecological protein solution, and sourcing them from the other side of the world would be meaningless.

To avoid bad experiences, we advise you to find out where the insects come from.

Finally, our production is FSSC 22000 certified. This certification allows you to trust us, and enables us to prove our continuous improvement process. We have chosen to internalise our production in order to control the entire value chain and offer you the best possible products. So you can rest assured: from the breeder to our logistician, we know everyone who has worked on your delicious insects.

Which insects or products should I start with?

Although there are as many possible answers as there are tastes in nature, we think it’s best to avoid Koh-Lanta style insects (by which we mean huge and completely creepy bugs like giant water bugs, mopane worms and the like) and go for small insects like molitors and crickets. Crickets, while more impressive, are ultimately no bigger than a shrimp and will also suit your palate.
If you have never eaten insects before, start with seasoned and dehydrated insects, or even insect meal protein bars which will remove any visual barrier to the product. If you feel up to cooking an insect-based dish, try a few of them before adding them to your recipe, you will discover the natural taste. The occasion also counts a lot, in fact, prefer a protein bar at 9:30 in the morning to a box of garlic and herb molitor, your friends will thank you (for the breath).

One thing is certain, in general, you prefer to eat your first insect with friends, so discuss it, reassure the most fearful, but do not try to force the most recalcitrant. After all, eating insects should remain a pleasure and not an obligation!

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